Our control room

  • Videoconferencing – Streaming- Webinar up to 1000 participants with 14 simultaneous translations
  • Hybrid events, in-person and remotely
  • Multilingual HD streaming of your event on Youtube, Facebook or private platforms, with customised password-protected webpage
  • Simultaneous in-person and remote translations up to 20 languages

Online events

With the increasing number of online events, also due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we now offer live streaming and online event solutions, remotely. Live streaming can be on various platforms at the same time, social networks, video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, or dedicated pages and customer websites, often created for free or for a fee, specifically to host the online event.

We use the most appropriate platform based on the client's needs, and often several platforms in combination. We are able to manage multiple flows from different locations, or multiple streams from the same speaker presenting remotely or in-person.

The entire live streaming broadcast could be recorded for re-broadcast at a later date. A back-up copy of the entire event can be provided, ready to be used on different occasions or to be published on other web platforms.

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